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Co-ordinated Children’s Services

In the Falkirk Council area we have adopted a locality approach to the co-ordination of services for children and young people.  This approach is designed to facilitate delivery of the Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) principles, with the aim of improving outcomes for our children and young people.

Children’s services operate in each of 4 geographical localities across the Falkirk Council area as follows:

  • Bo’ness / Grangemouth
  • Falkirk East / Braes
  • Falkirk West / St Mungo’s HS
  • Denny / Larbert


What is Co-ordinated Children’s Services?


Who is involved in Co-ordinated Children’s Services?

Each locality has a Co-ordinator who chairs a Multi-Agency Group of professionals.  The Denny / Larbert Locality Co-ordinator is Marion Gillooly.  Marion is based in Denny High School, and is supported by Clerical Assistant, Carol Johnston.  Marion and Carol can be contacted on 01324 827444.


TheMulti Agency Group (MAG)

If a parent / carer, family member, teacher, or other professional has concerns for a child / young person’s wellbeing they may contact the Locality Co-ordinator to ask for support.   The Co-ordinator will gather and share information to help identify the child’s needs (please see section on information sharing).

The Locality Co-ordinator chairs the MAG meeting. This is the meeting where professionals will consider all the information available and decide whether there is a local service available to provide support.  Sometimes more than one service may be involved.  Multi-Agency Groups(MAGs) meet fortnightly in each locality to discuss concerns for children / young people living or attending school in that locality.  


Why may a child need support?

Children/young people/parents may require additional help at different times in their life, e.g., following a bereavement, illness, transition, when experiencing anxiety, or during or after changes in family circumstances.  These stresses sometimes become apparent due to changes in the child / young person’s appearance or behaviour.


About Information Sharing


Why do we need to share information?

  • To help us identify the child / young person’s needs
  • To make sure the right kind of people can give the right kind of help
  • To stop a child / young person or family member being asked the same questions over and over again
  • To help the child / young person to receive a joined-up service
  • To help keep the child / young person safe


What information will we share?

  • Every child and family is different, and the information shared will depend on the child’s needs

Information shared will include:

  • General information such as name and address
  • Details of professionals involved in the child’s care
  • Background information


Who will this information be shared with?


  • Information may be shared with people directly involved with a child.  This could include teachers, school nurses, health visitors, social workers, educational psychologists and other professionals who work with the child
  • In most cases consent will be requested for information to be shared


Who can give consent to share information?

Children over the age of 12 can normally give consent themselves

Some children over 12 might not fully understand what consent means, so we will seek consent from the person with legal authority to act on the child’s behalf.  This could be a parent, guardian or other person with parental rights

Some children under 12 can understand what consent means, and in those cases we will ask them directly.  In most cases, however, consent will also be sought from the person with legal authority to act on the child’s behalf.


Can information be shared without consent?

  • Information can be shared without consent if a child is at risk, for example,  emergency medical procedures when parents are not present, or if there is a child protection concern

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